Super Nanny always said you could use the naughty step for your children up to the age of 4, so that’s what I did. It’s all about being consistent, which trust me is difficult when you are repeatedly having to put them back on the naughty step! It pushes you to you absolute brink of insanity, but once you’ve cracked it that’s it! Undeniably I wasn’t as strong willed with my first, as being a single Mum, just would rather have an easy life! I remember buying him a “naughty spot” and waiting eagerly for it to arrive. Once  the mat had arrived I proudly placed it on the hall carpet thinking I had nailed it. How wrong was I! HE was in charge as he laughed at me and launched the naughty pad across the room. And sorry to say, that was the end of the naughty spot!

With my second child I was darn right determined to get it right, so from the age of about two I was placing him on the naughty step. It took a lot of consistency and persistency. He got up, I took him back, he got up, I took him back. He’d try and slither down the stairs, he’d try and climb up the stairs. It would continue like this for a good 15 minutes until he finally realised he’d lost the battle. I’d finally won!!! The times after that were pretty easy, he’d sit on the step and cry and then I’d do the trademark Super Nanny chat ” Why did Mummy put you on the naughty step” and an apology would follow. Not that he knew at 2 years old why he was saying sorry, but it was the principle of it!!

I was of course sad when I had to put the naughty step to bed when he reached 4 years old. And I’d like to say that I have a perfectly behaved boy now, but that would be a lie!! He is 6 years old now, and I am by far finding this the most challenging time so far..but that’s a story for another time!

Lots of Love

Jo xx